Singin' Songs of Science

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The Rock Cycle
©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

Now Plate Tectonics is the theory
That crust is movin' under me
Continents they drift apart
'Cause molten rock is in Earth's heart
Scientists say there are three ways
That plates can move around these days
Convergent, Divergent, and Transform-Fault
Is what this rumbling's all about

Let it rock! the rock cycle
Let it rock! the rock cycle
The rock cycle, the rock cycle, let it rock!

Two hundred million years ago
Pangaea was the land below
Continents they drift apart
Heat and pressure is the start
Check the seismograph it shakes!
Plates are moving - EARTHQUAKES!
Rumble underground below
Better run, she's gonna BLOW!
Now magma pushes through the crust
And when it cools it's Igneous
The next in line is elementary
Weathering makes it Sedimentary
Then heat and pressure make rocks change
The stuff inside can rearrange
The final rock, you can't ignore it,
Yeah, you know, it's Metamorphic!

Bernoulli, He's My Guy
©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

They say what goes around comes around
And what goes up must surely come back down
Way back in time in the 18th century
There lived this guy named Daniel Bernoulli

Now Bernoulli found using science and math
That fluids act different when they take a longer path
They have to move faster cause there's farther to go
And when they do the pressure gets real low!

Bernoulli, Bernoulli, he's my guy
Without his principle planes wouldn't fly
Bernoulli, Bernoulli, give him a hand
That mathematician from Switzerland

Now when air's moving over an airplane wing
The air on the bottom does its regular thing
But the air on the top, it's got farther to go
'Cause the curve that it's got makes it longer you know

So the air on the top, it's got to really get going
And it really speeds up, it really gets flowing
And just when it does the pressure goes down
Which lifts the wing up and the plane off the ground!

Bernoulli, Bernoulli, he's my guy
Without his principle planes wouldn't fly
Bernoulli, Bernoulli, give him a hand
That mathematician from Switzerland

You Can Tell It's a Cell
©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

You can tell it's a cell by the way it looks
When it's under a microscope or in a book
May be an animal or a plant it's true
But I know it's a cell, cause I see all the clues

You can tell
You can tell it's a cell
Yeah, you can tell
You can tell it's a cell

Now you and I've got a brain, it helps us do what we do
It helps with walkin' and talkin' and eatin' our food
And cells need one too, to keep 'em stayin' alive
It's called a NUCLEUS and floats around inside
Well CYTOPLASM is that jelly-like goo
That oozes round inside a cell, yeah, it's in you too!
But if there wasn't something there called the CELL MEMBRANE
There'd be cytoplasm everywhere, we'd really complain!
Now plant cells are unique, they're really something to see
Yeah they've got a CELL WALL to make 'em stronger, you see
They've got CHLOROPHYLL and CHLOROPLASTS on their list
And they make their own food by PHOTOSYNTHESIS
Now cells are really small, yeah, they're hard to see
But look on down through a microscope there they'll be
And you and I are made of cells and so are birds and bees
Just like apples and bananas and the leaves on the trees

Newton, Way Long Ago
©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

Newton, way long ago
Discovered what makes things stop and go
And wrote them down as laws of motion for me
Newton, you're quite a guy
Science was the apple of your eye
You had long hair, just sittin' there, under that tree

INERTIA is the word you used to tell us all why
Some things like to stay at rest and some cruise on by
It takes some force to overcome inertia you saw
And you called it a law


The FORCE an object has depends on M and on A
M is for its MASS, ACCELERATION is A
If M or A get bigger, well then F it does too
That's Newton's LAW NUMBER TWO


Your LAW NUMBER THREE gave you a lot of satisfaction
For every ACTION FORCE there is an equal REACTION
If the action force is up, then the reaction is down
Just like a smile and a frown

The Rain Forest Song
©1999 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

Here’s our song about a place
That’s threatened by the human race
Want to let you know, want to let you know
Tropical rain falls on tropical trees
The tropical rain forest won’t you please
Help us save it now, help us save it now
Ooh, it gives us air to breathe
Ooh, the animals call it home
Ooh, its medicines help you and me
Ooh, help us save it before it’s gone
They burn and cut it down to farm
But we all know it’s doing harm
To the animals, there’s no place to go
Monkeys rush from tree to tree
Calling out for their family
Fire’s coming now, must escape somehow
Ooh, it gives us air to breathe
Ooh, the animals call it home
Ooh, its medicines help you and me
Ooh, help us save it before it’s gone
All the birds in all the trees
Every insect and every leaf
Is important, too, here’s what we must do
Tell everybody that it’s not okay
To let the forests just burn away
Got to say it loud, got to say it proud!
Get Your Molecules Movin'
©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

Now heat can move around from place to place
It can even burn your skin when the sun's on your face
Heat's got three ways of movin', count 'em one, two, three
And they're all in this song, so come on, sing it with me

Get your molecules movin', pick up your feet
Get your molecules movin', and then you've got heat
Get your molecules movin', pick up the beat
Get your molecules movin', can't just sit on your seat

Now Conduction is just one way that heat can move
Like when heat travels up through the handle of your spoon
Way on down at the hot end molecules are really dancin'
And they bump into each other till the heat's up at your end


Well Convection is another way that heat can move
Like when heat travels round through the air in your room
Yeah air carries heat when it moves from place to place
Just like your hair dryer does when it blows on your face


Now Radiation is the third way that heat can move
Like when the sun's rays hit you in the middle of June
You see they don't need air to make their way through space
Because they travel by waves until they hit your face


©1999 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

I know a place, a very cool place
In the southern hemisphere, it’s a long way from here
It’s the coldest continent, you’d sure know it if you went
It’s surrounded by a sea, that’s as salty as can be
Antarctica, volcanoes and iceberg
Antarctica, where it’s windy and cold
Antarctica, with its mountains and glaciers
Is the land at the bottom of the world
Well it gives me a thrill, to tell you ‘bout krill
They live in the sea, and they’re as tiny as can be
They eat microscopic plants, and there’s a mighty big chance
They’ll make a really good meal, for a penguin, whale, or seal
Now penguins are neat, with their big webbed feet
They’re all dressed up to go to a party or a show
They’ve got feathers like all birds, but haven’t you heard?
They can’t fly in the air, but they swim without a care
Seals live on the ice, or on the land sometimes is nice
They go fishing in the sea, and seem as happy as can be
They fill their bellies up with krill, even the Crabeater will
But if a Leopard seal they see, then the penguins all will flee
Down here the whales are really king, and baleen’s their special thing
That let’s them strain out all the krill, so they can eat their fill
Could be a Humpback or a Blue, or a Minke whale it’s true
And they communicate in song, as they travel on along

Matter is Everywhere!
Lyrics ©1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.

MATTER is anything that takes up space, now
Matter can be big or small, it's all over the place, now
Matter can be something you feel or something you see
Or it can be invisible, like the air that you breathe

Matter, Matter is Everywhere!
Matter, Matter is Everywhere!

When we want to say how much matter is
In some thing, now
We've got a word that we can use,
A word that we can sing, now
MASS is the word we use to say how much matter
Mass is the word to describe how much matter


GRAVITY pulls on us all, pulls us down to the ground, now
And WEIGHT is the word to describe
How much it's pulling down, now
A BALANCE is an instrument to compare two things, now
And it compares the mass of those two things, now


Matter comes three different ways,
SOLIDS, LIQUIDS, and GAS are found in all kinds of places
Solid things are hard and liquid things flow and flow
And gas escapes a soda can when you let it go (fssss)


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