Singin' Songs of Science Vol 3

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We’re Tilted! – A mesmerizing, techno-pop song that presents and explores the reasons for the seasons.  Kids learn that it’s the tilt of the Earth that makes summer days longer and warmer, and winter days shorter and colder.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

Winter, spring, summer, fall
It’s the tilt that causes them all

It’s not how far we are from the sun
That makes us have the seasons
No, winter, spring, summer, and fall
Happen for a different reason

We’re tilted – sometimes toward the sun      
We’re tilted – sometimes away
We’re tilted – as we go round and round      
We’re tilted – every day

Tilted toward the sun makes it summer
The days are long and hot
Tilted away makes it winter there
And cold it what you’ve got

We’re tilted – about 23 degrees
We’re tilted – that’s the reason
We’re tilted – about 23 degrees
Tilted - it’s the tilt that causes the seasons

Half way between the winter and the summer
Is called and equinox
You’re half way there, you’re in between
It’s equal day and night you’ve got

We’re tilted – sometimes toward the sun
We’re tilted – sometimes away
We’re tilted – as we go round and round
We’re tilted – tilted every day

Six Simple Machines – An infectious, reggae-style introduction to the six simple machines.  Great to introduce a unit and to reinforce recall of the names of the machines and their basic functions.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

If you’ve got to do some work
There’s a way to make it easier
Get a simple machine
To help you do it
You can get it done
And it just might be some fun
With a simple machine
Yeah, a simple machine

The six simple machines are easy to remember
There’s the wheel and axle, the wedge, and the screw
The inclined plane and lever are there to help you do the job
And the pulley’s standing by to pull you through

If you need to lift some thing
Up to a higher place
There’s a simple machine
To help you do it
You could slide it up an inclined plane
You could raise it with a pulley
Now you know what I mean
Get a simple machine


If you need to split some thing
A wedge will help you do it
If you need to join two things
A screw with work for you
If it’s on too tight
And you really need to pry it off
Go get a lever to help it
Do the job with you

(chorus 2x)

I See the Light – It’s not so common knowledge that Isaac Newton did the groundbreaking work with optics, and discovered that white light can be split into the colors of the rainbow.  Here’s an upbeat song to reinforce the names of the colors and celebrate Newton’s discovery.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

It was Isaac Newton
Working in his lab        
With just a piece of glass        
He proved an idea he had       
That white light’s not just bright
It’s a rainbow when you bend it right
And he even bent it back
To white again
(and I’ll bet he said . . .)

I see the light
And all the colors of the rainbow
Red, orange, and yellow
Green, blue, and violet, too
Light might look white
But with a prism you won’t think so
There’s red, orange, and yellow       
Green, blue, and violet, too

Now you can make a rainbow
Without a piece of glass
You could do it with a garden hose
While you’re watering the grass      
Just spray a fan of drops in the air
And make sure the sun’s behind you there
And you’ll see it clear as day just like Newton did

(chorus 2X)

The Scientific Method Blues – A genuinely bluesy tune providing identification and explanation of the basic parts of a scientific investigation: question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, observations, and conclusion.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

You gotta start with a Question
What you really want to know
You gotta really want an answer
Wonderin’ how it’s gonna go
It might be complicated
Or as simple as can be
But you gotta state your question

Now I’ve heard people say
Where there’s a will there’s a way
And what’s got us all singin’
Is the scientific way
There’s a certain kind of thinkin’
That all the science folks use
That’s the song that I’m singin’
The Scientific Method Blues!

Now once you’ve got your question
You need to make a guess
‘bout how it’s gonna all turn out
A Hy-poth-e-sis!
But there’s no need to worry
If you’ll be right or wrong
‘cause it’s all about the Method
That’s why we sing this song!


Once you gather all your Materials
And you’ve got them close at hand
Then it’s time for your Procedure
It’s what you do, it’s your plan!
And once you’ve finished doing
All the things you’ve got to do
You make your Observations
You’ve gotta watch and listen, too!


Once you’ve made your observations
It’s time for your Conclusion
‘bout why things turned out like they did
It’s your question’s resolution!
So, there it is, that’s how it’s done
It’s science that we’re singin’
The Scientific Method Blues
The scientific way of thinkin’!


Animalia – A celebration and explanation of the animal kingdom and how its members are alike and quite different form one another.  Kids learn about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, too.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

A long time ago, scientists decided

To put all the living things into cat-e-gor-ies

Now animals are one, of several different kingdoms

Of living things on Earth, and here’s their story


An-i-mal-i-a, the kingdom of the animals

Jellyfish and whales are swimming in the sea

Birds fly in the air, rabbits run all over

(You can) find them anywhere, wherever you may be

La – la – la – la – la, La – la – la – la – la

La – la – la – la – la, La – la – la – la – la

Some animals have bones inside their bodies

And others have a skeleton on the outside

Some don’t have either one, they’re just kind of mushy

They come in every shape, they come in every size!


When animals need food, most have to go and get it

Sometimes they hunt it down like a carnivore

And herbivores eat plants, just a grazin’ and a chewin’

And omnivores eat lots of things, like bugs and seeds and more!


Now people don’t have scales, and fish they don’t have feathers

And worms they don’t have bones like you and me

But we’re all part of the animal kingdom

There are lots of different ways to be an animal you see!

Sources of Energy – From human energy and fire through water and wind power, coal and petroleum, solar and nuclear, this song presents not just the sources, but the history and evolution of energy sources.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

Potential energy is energy that’s ready to use
And kinetic energy is energy that’s being used
All kinds of energy, from the past on to the future
Here’s a history of energy, for me and you

In the beginning man used human energy to get things done
And energy from a fire to cook his food and keep him warm
All kinds of energy, from the past on to the future
It’s a history of energy, for me and you

Sources of energy - it comes from the sun
Sources of energy - wind and water are some
Sources of energy - electricity, too
Sources of energy - there’s a lot it can do
Whoa, energy, Energy

Then people found they could use the energy in moving water and wind
They’d take corn to the mill, and then the grinding would begin
And they’d pump their water up whenever that ol’ wind blew
It’s a history of energy, for me and you

When the supply of wood got low they started burning coal
And pollution got its start, as factories began to grow
Then came the steam engine, The Industrial Revolution
It’s a history of energy, for me and you


Then Thomas Edison and other guys made electric lights
Making the generators spin around lighting up the night
Then came the oil rush, that magical fossil fuel
It’s a history of energy, for me and you

And now we’re up to today where we have nuclear power, too
But even with all of these, we’ve got to be careful it’s true
Got to save our energy so there’s enough for the future
It’s a history of energy, for me and you


Roots, a Stem and Some Leaves – A catchy, tropical-flavored tune that reviews the basic plant parts and also identifies the essential roles played by chlorophyll and carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr

If you’re gonna be a plant everybody knows
You’re gonna need the sun to help you grow
And you’re gonna need water that comes with the rain
To fall on down again and again
But that’s not all you need
You’ve gotta have that green stuff in your leaves
And don’t forget that CO2
That comes from lots of things that people do
You know that it’s true
You know that it’s true

(It’s not just) roots, a stem, and some leaves
There’s a lot more than that a plant really needs
Light and water help you make your own food
But you need chlorophyll and CO2
It’s photosynthesis you do!
You know that it’s true

Now you know most plants they grow in the ground
But that’s not the only place plants can be found
There are some plants that grow in the trees
And there are even some that live in the sea
But even they have the same needs
They gotta have that green stuff in their leaves
And they still need that CO2
That comes from lots of things - and me and you
You know that it’s true
You know that it’s true

(Yeah it’s not just) roots, a stem, and some leaves
There’s a lot more than that a plant really needs
Light and water help you make your own food
But you need chlorophyll and CO2
It’s photosynthesis you do!
You know that it’s true
(repeat chorus / out)

Mixing It Up – This uptempo, 60s-style pop tune explores just what a mixture is and some everyday real-life examples, including the unique nature of a suspension.

© John Paul Taylor, Jr
We’re mixing it up
With a little bit of this
Mixing it up
With a little bit of that
Stir it all around
We’re making a mixture
Shake it up and down
Yeah, just like that!

Sometimes it’s in a box
And you pour it in a bowl
Add a little milk
And grab a big spoon
(They might be) raisins and flakes
Or they might be magically delicious
Just scoop ‘em on up
It’s a tasty mixture, too!


If you give it some thought
There’s a lot of kinds of mixtures
There’s Chex Mix and Trail Mix
And granola, too
And a salad’s a mixture
It might be lettuce and tomatoes
And it could include some carrots
Hey, it’s good for you!

But not every kind of mixture
Is made up of solid things
What about that dressing you pour on your salad?
Because it separates
We call it a suspension
Now shake it, before you pour it on!

It’s Science Time – A short ‘theme song’ teachers can use to help focus attention and announce the start of science class.  Part chant, part cheer, your students will likely start singing it as they get to their seats.

© John Paul Taylor Jr

S-C-I-E-N-C-E  T-I-M-E

We might study living things
Or Maybe Saturn’s rings
We might learn about the ocean
Or Newton’s laws of motion
There might be microscopes
Or pulleys with ropes
There could be chemicals to mix
That seem like magic tricks

You know what I’m saying
Yeah, I’m telling you true
Science is for everybody
Me and you
So let’s get started
There’s no time to wait
It’s Science Time
And it’s gonna be great!

S-C-I-E-N-C-E  T-I-M-E

It’s Science Time
It’s Science Time
It’s Science Time
It’s Science Time

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